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BLUEAIR benchmarking tool

BLUEAIR is an Interreg Adrion project that aims to improve the institutional capacity of the Adriatic-Ionian territories in defining a common S3 policy on Blue Growth. It was initiated by the EU Strategy for the Adriatic-Ionian Region (EUSAIR) based on its strategic relevance to both EUSAIR and the ADRION Programme.

One of the activities within BlueAir is benchmarking innovation policies in relation to the sustainable blue economy and identifying best practices in innovation cooperation in EU macro-regions/sea basins. As a support activity a benchmarking tool is devised and set online. Benchmarking metrics are structured around four innovation policy pillars subdivided into constituent dimensions which are composed of several qualitative indicators. It is based on a Self-Assessment approach and Innovation Policy Index adapted from Prof. Slavo Radosevic as described in his paper on Benchmarking Innovation Policy in Catching up and Emerging Economies. Responses were obtained in Summer 2021 from members of sea basin-/macro-regional strategy innovation policy implementing bodies and their external experts. For details on the methodology please refer to the Blue Growth Innovation Policies in Sea Basin Geographic Areas Best Practice Identification and Benchmarking Report. If you are involved in innovation policymaking at a level of a sea basin or macro-region, we invite you to complete the questionnaire.

To find out more about basins performance, please click at the corresponding link: Adriatic-Ionian Region (EUSAIR), Atlantic Ocean, Baltic Sea (EUSBSR), Black Sea, West Mediterranean.

To proceed with benchmarking please select the sea basins (benchmarking partners) and make use of many ways in which to get the benchmarking related information.